Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

What could be more fun in getting ready for Easter than coloring Easter eggs? Of course we had to do it again this year! I was a little nervous as how Brayden would do, but he did very well...despite the fact that he wanted to do everything himself. He wanted to hold the eggs himself and put them in the color himself and get them out himself. He is turning into such an independent little kid! Here are some pictures from our adventures in coloring eggs!

With Aunt Erin, getting ready to color eggs.

The first egg! What color should we do?


Even daddy helped!

Ooohh!! Pretty orange!

I can do it myself Momma!

Smile Aunt Erin!

Taking a break and having some cheese. Coloring eggs is hard work!

The finished product! Notice the one red cracked egg. Brayden decided to throw an egg into a cup of coloring that already had an egg in it! :)

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