Monday, April 12, 2010

Owie Follow-Up

Brayden is doing amazing despite the 3 stitches in his finger. He keeps doing everything he has always done and it hasn't slowed him down at all. When his bandage falls off, he is sure to let us know by holding up his hand and saying, "uh oh" repeatedly until we notice. And he is sure to remind us that he has an owie. When he wakes up in the morning and we go in and get him, he holds up his hand, points to the stitches, and says "owie!" At nighttime we take his bandage off to let it "air out." While we are giving him his bottle, until he falls asleep, he holds his hand up to be sure not to bump his owie, even though when his bandage is on, he is constantly bumping it and hitting it. Then when he wakes up in the morning, he says "uh oh" until we put a band-aid back on it. It is so adorable. Three more days until we can get the stitches taken out! is my owie.

Relaxing with my paci's, watching PraiseBaby.

Just chillin....

Here are my owies again....just so you don't forget.

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