Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Years Old

We officially have a two year old! Brayden celebrated his big day last week and we celebrated it in style! He got to bring cupcakes to daycare and have a little party with all of his friends. Sean and I picked him up early from daycare and went out for dinner at Beef O'Brady's. He got to sit on the "couch" of the booth with his Daddy instead of a highchair. He thought he was pretty special! After dinner we took him to a playground where he ran around and played non-stop. He wasn't too happy that we had to leave, but that all changed when he saw the stack of "surprises" we had waiting at home for him. He would open one present and want us to open it right away so he could play with it. We had to keep reminding him to open more presents. By the time he was done opening presents, our living room looked like christmas morning, with wrapping paper and toys strewn all over the place. He had such a great day and was one tired little boy come bedtime!

Look at me!

Let's play!

Time to go down the slide.

Brayden and Aunt E - Can you tell he was excited to be at the playground?

Helping Daddy put together his new tent.

Posing by his stack of "surprises."

Building a Thomas the Train train set with Daddy.

Playing with his new remote control car.

What could this be??

Power tools! Just like Daddy's!!

The "after" picture. All and all, it was a wonderful day!!

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