Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall is Here!

Fall is in the air! Tonight was a perfect example. The air was a little crisp, the sun set early, the football stadium lights shone in the distance. It was wonderful. Truly my favorite time of the year. And with it so beautiful out, we definitely had to take advantage of it. Sean was mowing the lawn and Brayden wanted to help. So we got out his little lawn mower and he mimicked Sean's every move. Then we decided to get out his birthday present from Unlce Chad and Aunt E. He has had this Gator for over 3 weeks now and has been too scared to ride it....until tonight. I knew he would love it once he tried it. So I had to bribe him with candy and he finally stepped on the pedal and off he went. At first he freaked out a bit until he saw Sean and I clapping and cheering for him. Then there was no stopping him. He drove all over the lawn. He doesn't quite grasp the steering part, so we have to follow him around and help steer, but he loves it!!

Mowing with Daddy.

My two year old!

Riding his gator!! Finally!! Yay!!!

Cheese! Now get out of my way!

Loading the wood.

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