Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

A few weekends ago, we traveled up to Grand Rapids for our annual Miller Family Reunion. This is always one of my favorite times of year since we don't get to see the majority of our extended family but once a year. It is so much fun to see everyone and catch up with everyone. And this year was no different. We had a blast and had a good time with everyone. It amazes me how much the kids grow up over the previous year! We spent the majority of our time either laying around the pool, swimming or eating. The weekend went by too fast and I am already looking forward to the next reunion. Although we get a little spoiled this year since two of my cousins are getting married between now and the next reunion, so we will get to have two mini reunions before the next one!

My sis and I shortly after arriving to the reunion.

Brayden, Mom, Me and Erin waiting for our rooms to be ready.

Uncle Chad and Brayden doing one of Brayden's favorite things....swimming!

Me and the love of my life! :)

Brayden and I. We actually got him to look at the camera and somewhat smile!

Brayden and Papa shooting hoops in the pool.

Brayden being goofy.
**A special thanks to Aunt Sue for the amazing pictures!!**

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  1. Love the photos, Mandy. Brayden is becoming such a little man! I love that even though he's a brunette, his hair is a little blond too. So fun! I like checking in here every once in a while to see what's going on with you! I have a blog too....I think I sent you a link but if not, let me know. It's a great way for you to keep up with my life too! Love ya!