Monday, September 13, 2010

My Baby

My baby is no longer a baby. He has turned into a wild, rambunctious, crazy toddler. He is always exploring, always trying, and always wanting to do things on his own. He is non-stop. Always going, always moving. He is gentle and kind-hearted. He loves trains, tractors, boats, and big trucks. He loves being outside and helping his mommy and daddy. He is independent, but always has time for a hug and a kiss. I know this is so cliche, but he is growing up too fast. It seems like just last week we were bringing him home from the hospital. Now he is almost two. In a little over a week, we will celebrate his second birthday. His second birthday! Where did the time go? No matter how old he gets though, he will always be my baby.


  1. Little ones do grow up too quick! My last baby just started kindergarten and is turning 5 on Saturday. Enjoy it!

  2. Oh how I love him...:) I melt just looking at this picture. So glad that I get to be in his life! :)