Friday, August 5, 2011

My Baby is 4 Months Old it has been a whole month since I posted last. I keep telling myself I am going to blog more often and then life happens and before I know it, a whole month has gone by. Life is just flying past me and I can't slow it down!
My baby turns 4 months old today! My little baby has turned in to quite a chunker! He weighs in at 16 pounds 13 ounces already! He is taking after his big brother! He has his 4 month check on Monday and I am anxious to see where he is on the growth charts.
He continues to be the happiest baby ever. Always smiling and giggling. All you have to do is look at him and he has a grin from ear to ear. He adores watching his big brother running around and playing. Brayden really knows how to get him to smile.
He went for his first camping trip a couple weeks ago and wasn't really a big fan. He is definitely a fair weather baby and didn't like the warm days. He stayed in his Nana and Papa's trailer in the air conditioning a lot of the time. Since our little camping trip, he is no longer sleeping through the night either. I hope this is just a little phase he is going through because this Mommy is tired!
Here is a picture of my little baby sound asleep floating in the pool! Ahh...this is the life!

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