Friday, March 5, 2010

And she is off...

After months and months of planning, training and prayers, my little sister left today for a week long missions trip to Tamil Nadu, India. Her and 29 other brave souls set out this afternoon to be a light to the poorest of poor in India. They are bringing shoes, clothes, and school supplies as well as hope and love to these people. I am so proud of my sister for making this decision to be a light and friend to the Indian people, who have been classified as the "untouchables." I pray that she has an amazing experience and a safe trip. These next ten days are going to be very long for me and my family! We know she is doing amazing things, but can't wait until she is back here with us!

Erin with her team leader Sarah ( friend)

Some of the luggage going with them. These bags are filled with 798 pairs of Crocs shoes, 57 backpacks filled with school supplies, and clothing for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Erin and Sarah standing with their gear, getting direction from the main team leader.

The whole India team!

Their ride to the Chicago airport.

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