Friday, November 13, 2009


We have a definite troublemaker in our addition to Milo! Brayden has a knack for keeping us hopping. And between Milo and Brayden, there is no time for rest! Brayden has almost every toy under the sun and he still insists on doing things and getting into things he knows he shouldn't. When you tell him no, he looks at you and smiles. When you go to get him and keep him from doing something he shouldn't, he takes off running and laughing. He knows he shouldn't be doing it, but does it to get our attention. Most of the time, he does what he isn't supposed to be while watching us to see what we will do. If it isn't too dangerous or naughty, we try to ignore him and he will lose interest. Although lately, he has been in a hitting phase. The other night he kept hitting me. I finally grabbed his arms and held him tight and looked at him and said, "We don't hit, buddy. It is not nice to hit." He looked up at me with his big, brown eyes and burst out laughing. So, I have been putting him in time out. I leave him there for 1-2 minutes and he screams the whole time. When I go get him, he is back to my innocent little angel. I think we might be hitting the terrible twos early! Here are some pictures to prove it!

He has figured out how to crawl behind our leaning bookshelves.

Reaching for our wedding pictures....

Crawling behind our tv.

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