Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And so it begins....

...our trips to the urgent care. Yup, that is right. After a call from daycare today saying that Brayden had fallen and cut his forehead, Sean picked him up and met me at Urgent Care. After waiting for what seemed like forever in the waiting room, we finally got called back. Brayden was such a brave little boy. They had to flush out the wound and he only fussed a little bit. Then the doctor came in and told me what I wanted hear....no stitches....they could fix it with glue. He said it was a clean cut, so they could easily glue the cut. That part...Brayden didn't like. They had to have Brayden perfectly still while they applied the glue and held it together while it dried. During the 4 minutes that he had to be still, there were 3 of us that had to hold him down. He did not like being held down...at all, which led to crying. I could not wait to pick him up and cuddle him. 4 minutes seemed like forever. After he was all done...he got a sucker, which obviously made it all better! Then he got to go home and spend the rest of the day with Daddy. Here are some pictures below of Brayden's boo-boo.

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