Monday, June 22, 2009

9 Months Old and First Haircut!

My baby is 9 months old today! I can't believe it! He is definitely showing that he is a big boy more and more everyday. He is crawling all over the place and getting into everything! They said that he took 4 steps by himself today, not holding onto anything. Yikes! I'm a little bummed that I missed his first big steps, but I can't wait to see him take some more! He is starting to eat more solid food. It took a while for him to get used to the texture, but he loves the Gerber Puffs! He could eat a whole jar if I let him! He is already a picky eater though! He will only eat his squash and sweet potatoes. All other vegies make him gag. But he LOVES his fruit...any kind, it doesn't matter. He will gobble it right up!

Brayden got his first haircut last Friday night. He needed it so bad. It was so long and scraggly. So I finally broke down and took Sean's advice to take him in. We took him to the Great Clips in Granger. He was such a big boy! Sat in the chair all by himself...until the very end. He sat still for the most part. He had to keep turing around to make sure Sean and I were still there. The lady that cut his hair was great! Talked to him the whole time. The whole process took only 10 minutes! It was perfect! Here are some pictures from him very first haircut!

Sitting like a big boy in the chair!

What is going on?

Cutting my hair.

I'm such a big boy! They were amazed that I was only 9 months old!

Trimming up!

All Done!

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