Friday, June 19, 2009

My New Ride and Popsicle Time

Not a whole lot to report this week....Brayden had ANOTHER double ear infection last week. His fourth one. They keep putting off the tubes in his ears as it is summer and if he gets tubes, he won't be able to get ANY water in his ears. So they are hoping to either wait until fall or they are hoping that this was the last one. His pediatrician said that if he has one more ear infection in the next four to six weeks, he will definitely have to have them. There is good and bad to that. I want him to be free from ear infections and ear pain, but I don't want my little guy to have to have surgery. I know it is minor surgery, but is surgery.

I got a new car! Yay! Finally! We bought Brayden a new car seat a few weeks back and it was too big for my little we bought a new car. :) I LOVE it! It is a 2003 Trailblazer. I can haul so much more stuff and I don't have to struggle to get him in his carseat. I must admit that I was teary eyed as we left the car lot with my old car sitting there, but this was what we needed to do. I'm loving it!

Sean's first Father's Day is coming up! How exciting! We are going to have a nice breakfast or lunch out and then enjoy the whole day at home. It will be nice to have a lazy day since we don't get very many of those lately!

Brayden is getting bigger and bigger everyday! He has his 9 month check up at the doctor next Wednesday. He has 4 teeth now with two more getting ready to push through. He crawls like a champ and can even walk behind a push toy or along furniture. He is just starting to be able to stand on his own without holding on to anything. It won't be long before he is taking his first steps! Eek! Then we will really be in trouble!

Here are some updated pictures from his new car from Nana and Papa and pics of his popsicle time....

This is how he stared out riding in his new car from Nana and Papa...sitting down, with a seat belt on, like a good boy.

And this is how he rides that Daddy is the driver. Standing up like a daredevil. This child has no fear!
Thumbs up Mama!

Mmmm....popsicle time. is cold!

I like it though! I'm such a big boy!

And I have to put it in my hair...just like everything else....

The after effects of the popsicle in the hair. Love the new hair-do!

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