Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick Again

Once again, our little guy is sick. It never fails. He finally gets better and then a few days later, he picks up something else. This time, it is a cold. Stuffy, runny nose and so congested. He gets so frustrated when he tries to eat. He has to keep taking breaks so he can catch his breath. He can't really have his pacifier for the same reason, he can't breath when he is sucking on it. Another issue the poor little guy constipation.Yup, hasn't had a dirty diaper since last Thursday!! My poor baby just can't catch a break. The pediatrician told us to try prune juice. Obviously she doesn't know Brayden well. That kid won't touch anything but formula or breastmilk. No matter how we try to give it to him...bottle...sippy doesn't matter. So, he makes another trip to the pediatrician tomorrow. We are definitey becoming regulars there! Hopefully we can get things cleared up soon!

Here are some pictures from this past weekend. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Fischer's house for lunch and to visit!

Brayden playing the piano with Grandma.

Sitting with Grandpa and watching the race.

I'm exhausted!


  1. I hope he feels better, soon! =)

  2. Winter sucks!! Spring needs to get here ASAP! The colds won't go away here either! I hope that Brayden feels better soon! We need to get together soon, he is getting so big!!