Sunday, March 15, 2009

Round 2

That's right. We are on round #2...of double ear infections that is. I wasn't even going to take him in, but after talking to the nurse practitioner, decided to take him into night clinic. He is such a happy baby. He was never really fussy or anything. There were only a couple things that made me wonder if something was going on. The night before I took him, he was up almost every hour. Then when I took him into daycare, the daycare lady said that the day before he had a tantrum. He didn't want to be held or didn't want to eat. And Brayden not wanting to eat....something is definitely wrong! I am so glad that we ended up taking him in. She said that his ears were definitely infected. She went back and forth and whether to give him another round of antibiotics or giving him Rocephin, which is an injection. She opted for one more round of meds. We are now on day number 5 of the meds and I am not quite sure that they are working. He is still fussy and pulling on his right ear. I guess we will see what this week brings.

Here are a couple pictures from this past week. Despite everything, he is the happiest baby!

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