Thursday, June 10, 2010

Target Deals!

I cannot believe the deals I got at Target today. When the cashier first told me my total, pre-coupons, I nearly fainted. And then I nearly fainted again when he told me my total after coupons. Even he was speechless and couldn't believe what I saved with coupons. You are not going to believe this!!!! The picture below is all of my purchases today at Target.

Total Cost: $81.50
Total Savings: $74.98
Total Out of Pocket: $6.52
Yay!! I couldn't believe it! It really pays to take time to research and clip coupons. It is times like this that motivate me even more. I never used to clip coupons and often scoffed when I got behind someone who had coupons. Now....I can't imagine paying full price!!

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