Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Binder Park Zoo

For my sister-in-law's birthday, she wanted the whole family to spend the day at Binder Park Zoo. What a great idea! It was such a fun and exciting, although very warm, day! Brayden had an absolute ball! We could barely keep up with him as he ran from exhibit to exhibit. He was in awe the entire time. He loved all the animals and was so excited! We all had so much fun and we were glad that we could help Keri celebrate her birthday!!

Daddy and Brayden

Grandma and Brayden eating lunch. (Brayden spotted a peacock walking by the window as I took this picture!)

Mommy and Brayden getting ready to head out to see the animals.

Aunt Keri and Brayden feeding the giraffes. Brayden was a little unsure of this at first!

With Grandma and Aunt Keri looking at the monkeys.

He was so excited that he couldn't contain his enthusiasm! He was squealing and jumping around here. :)

Keri, Sean, Brayden and I posing for a quick picture before leaving Wild Africa.

Going for a carousel ride. He loved it!

Feeding the pygmy goats with Grandma. This picture was taken about 5 seconds before he freaked out!!

Doing one of his favorite things....going down a slide!!

Brayden cooling down in one of the misters they had going at the zoo.

His favorite part....riding the train!

This was the scene about 5 minutes after leaving the zoo! We tuckered him out!!

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