Saturday, August 22, 2009


Happy 11th month little man!! These posts seem like they are getting closer and closer together. It seems like I just posted last week for his 10 month. It is crazy! It is going way too fast! My baby is growing up! :(

Highlights this month...

He is getting more and more steady as he walks. He loves walking and loves running. No more crawling for this little guy.

He is getting better at eating solid food. It was a little shaky at first, but he is liking the texture more. He loves crackers of any kind, peaches, pears, cheerios, french fries (I know, I know...he takes after his Mama), yogurt, and he is liking cheese more every day. We are getting there...

Daycare is still going well. He has 5 other friends in his class with him and he loves his teacher. They are getting his schedule down pat. This makes my days go much better!

He went to his first and second weddings this month. Our cousin Kristin got married and a close family friend got married. He did amazingly well at both!

He got to meet a lot of family from my dad's side this month at our annual family reunion. He loved it! He did so well with everyone.

He has added another word to his vocabulary. Mama!! Finally!! I am so excited! I love hearing that word come out of his mouth. Although I am sure that in a year, that word isn't going to be so cute coming out of his mouth. :) He has also added clapping and waving to the list of things he can do. He gets so excited when he waves goodbye. It is adorable.

He definitely has a naughty side of him. When you tell him "no," he looks at you and smiles and keeps doing it. I have had to tap him on the hand a few times while I tell him "no" and he just looks up at me and laughs. It is so hard not to smile or laugh because it is so stinking cute. He has to learn that "no" means "no!" This is going to be tough!

Well, I think that is all for this month. Here are some recent pictures of my little guy.

Teddy Grahams and PraiseBaby...can't get much better than that.

Getting in his rocking chair.

Rock, rock, rock.

Bath time!!

Wait....come back! You can't hide from bath time!

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