Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pentwater 2009

Pentwater....need I say more? The most amazing place on earth. The beach, the shopping, the campground.....all wonderful. And we got to spend a whole week there this summer....Sean, Brayden and I...plus all of our wonderful family and friends. It was glorious. We had so much fun. Brayden loved it! He loved all the walks in the stroller and wagon, loved playing in the sand....and eating it, loved all the attention. He even did great sleeping in the tent. He is a camper at heart. But I think the thing he loved the most....ice cream! He takes after his Mama! We spent most of our time on the beach, eating, or laughing with family and friends. We are already looking forward to next summer!

A family picture with Lake Michigan in the background.

Brayden and his cousin Eliana.

Taking a stroll down the beach.

Mama, Daddy and Brayden

My new Michigan outfit!

Wagon ride time!

On the beach with Papa and Nana.

Building sand castles with Papa.

Playing in the sand with Uncle Chad.

I love the beach!!

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  1. Awesome pictures!! Are you guys planning a trip up this way to see the other side of the family :) Hint, Hint :) Looks like you are having an awesome summer, and I can't believe how big Brayden is getting!