Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Technical Difficulties

It has been two weeks since I have last posted a blog. I am so sorry! I have had some technical difficulties here. My laptop decided to stop working. The battery died and it would not take a charge from the wall charger. So I was without a laptop for a week or so. Sean got tired of hearing me complain about not having a computer, so my birthday/Mother's Day gift was a new laptop! I love it! It feels so good to be back up and running on my own computer. So, now that I have a computer back, I will get going on my blogs again!

So much has happened in these last two weeks. We have been overly busy. We can't catch a breath! I had noted in a previous post that Brayden had another double ear infection and was on antibiotics again. By the end of that week, we felt that his ear infections still hadn't gone away. So I took him back to the doctor on a Friday afternoon. We were right. His right ear drum was bulging. So they decided to do rocephin injections, which is like an antibiotic only in injectable form. He had to have one Friday night, Sunday morning and Monday morning. They are very painful injections, but he handled them so well. He is a tough boy! So, that was a week and a half ago that he had those....and he is going back to the doctor today....because we still don't think they are gone. They had talked about doing tubes in his ears, but I am sure we will hear more about it today!

Last Saturday we had Brayden dedicated at Granger Community Church. It was a HUGE event! There were about 200-300 babies that were dedicated that day. It was amazing. Brayden did so well. Pastor Mark Beeson was the one that prayed over and dedicated Brayden. It was definitely the best birthday present I could get! After the dedication, we had everyone over for cake and punch. We had about 30 people in our house! I am so grateful that so many of our family could spend that special day with us. We are so very blessed! Thank you to everyone that shared our special day!!

My very first Mother's Day was wonderful! Erin, Brayden and I surprised my mom by driving home and meeting them at their church. Then we had a wonderful lunch at mom and dad's house. We also celebrated my birthday that afternoon since the day before, my actual birthday, was so busy with Brayden's dedication. Thank you to my wonderful husband and family for making my first Mother's Day so memorable! I love you all!

This weekend Sean and I are doing our very first garage sale. We have been busy so far this week with getting everything around and marked and set up in the garage. We have a ton of stuff...our garage is filled and we don't even have all of it out yet! My parents and grandparents and sister have also brought some stuff over to put in the sale. It starts on Thursday and goes until Saturday! The money we make from it is going to go to finishing our basement! I am so excited to get started on the basement, so lets hope that we do well this weekend!

Ugh....jury duty. I hate jury duty. I have been called to serve in the month of May. That is right...I have to have it one day a week for the whole month of May!! I call the night before to see if I have to appear. So far, the last two Tuesdays I have had to go. The first week I got called to be a juror, but got dismissed because the case was invloving parents and their child. Since I was a parent, they dismissed me because they didn't want the fact that I am a parent to sway my decision in favor of the parents. Yesterday I didn't get picked and I was released. Yay! Two more weeks and two more possible times of getting picked to serve...ugh. Did I mention that I hate jury duty? :)

Whew...I think I covered most of it. :) So here are some pictures of Brayden's dedication and his new toy from his Nana and Papa!

Family picture before the dedication.

Waiting our turn to have Brayden dedicated.

Praying over Brayden with Pastor Mark Beeson and his wife, Sheila. Brayden did so well!

In his new swing from Nana and Papa. He LOVES it!!

Look at me, look at me!

Hmmm.....I think I need to go higher!

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