Monday, January 23, 2012

Deja vu?

Here we go again. This time...with Conner. Over the last 3 months, he has had 4 ear infections. We visited the ENT a couple weeks again and at the time, his ears looked perfect. We put off the surgery for tubes since they were looking so good. He said that if he gets another one in the next 6 weeks, we would need to call and schedule the surgery. We were doing so good for a couple weeks. Then he started tugging on his ears. It would last for a day or so and then he would be fine for a couple days. I finally decided to take him and wouldn't you know it...another ear infection. My poor baby. He just can't catch a break. Now the poor thing has to get tubes. I know it will make him better in the long, but the thought just breaks my heart. Now I just want it over with, for him to be better. He is such a happy baby. I hate seeing him so fussy. This time around happened much faster. With Brayden, he was 14 months before they finally decided to do the tubes. Conner is only 9 months. No messing around this time. Before we know it, we will have a happy, healthy baby again!

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