Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Day?

Lately we have been having issues with Brayden at daycare. We are not sure if it is a terrible two phase he is going through or if it is the fact that he isn't an only child anymore. But he has been hitting, throwing toys, and not listening at daycare. Sean and I are constantly having talks with him about this and taking things away from him to try to teach him. All to no avail it seems. Everyday we pick him up, we get a bad report from the teacher. Finally, yesterday we picked him up and she said he had a good day! Yay!! She said she tried something new yesterday to try to figure things out since Brayden is not the only kid in his class being naughty. She broke the class in to groups and seperated the kids that seem to have the problems. She said that it worked and she had a good class yesterday. Here is a conversation between Sean and Brayden on the way home from daycare yesterday:

Sean: Hey Buddy, what did you do at daycare today?
Brayden: I didn't hit!
Sean: That's great buddy! But what did you do at daycare?
Brayden: I didn't punch!
Sean: (Trying to hide his laughter) That's great buddy, but what DID YOU DO at daycare?
Brayden: I don't know.

Haha....he was just so happy he was a good boy that he completely forgot what he did the rest of the day. :) So cute. And we were so proud that he was a good boy!

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