Monday, March 7, 2011

A Cold, Chilly Day....

Spring fever has hit the Fischer household and one certain member can't get enough of being outside. A while back he kept wanting to go outside and ride his gator. We kept telling him that once the snow melted, he could ride it. Now, every time he looks outside and can see the grass, he gets all excited saying that the snow has melted and he can go outside and play. So out go Brayden and Sean and spend quite a while playing on the swingset, riding his bike, looking at the ground squirrel tracks in the field and just having fun. It is quite the event trying to convince him that it is time to go in. I have a feeling that we are going to be outside all the time this summer!!

In other news, today marks the "one month to go until due date" day. I am so ready. This past weekend I hit the brink of being miserable. I am tired of being pregnant. I'm tired of the backaches, the heartburn, the not being able to move or breathe. I am so ready to have this baby! I was trying to savor it, knowing that this is going to be my last pregnancy, but I have passed that point now. I am just done. I am hoping that this month flies by or that this baby decides to make his grand entrance early!

I LOVE being outside!!!

Here I go!!

Double high five and through the legs!

Swinging "high to the sky!"

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