Sunday, November 14, 2010

Field Trip

Last weekend, Erin, Brayden and I took a little field trip to a local fire station. For the past couple weeks, Brayden has been quite intrigued by fire trucks and it just so happened that Erin has a friend who is a fireman. So he told us to bring Brayden by to check out some fire trucks. Brayden was defnitely very hesitant at first, not wanting to go anywhere near one. He liked seeing the lights go one though. By the end of the little trip, he was sitting in the fire truck. He talked about them the whole way home! I was just thankful that the alarm didn't go off while we were there! That could have been bad!

He looks so little standing in front of the truck!

Not sure if I like this, mommy!

Getting a little closer. Looking in the truck with E.

He made it to the steps in the truck! What's that, mommy?

Mommy and Brayden.

It's the fireman's helmet!

Standing on the front of the fire truck.

We finally made it to the driver's seat, although he isn't so sure about this!

He even got a fireman badge as a "Junior Fireman!!"

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