Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Whirlwind Holidays

What a whirlwind the holidays were! We had some sort of holiday get together every day for the entire week! I can safely saw that we are christmas'd out. It was all so much fun though and it was great to see family that we hadn't seen in a while. That is one of the best things about it all. That and all the yummy holiday food!!

Brayden did pretty good considering his lack of napping and incessant snacking. He wasn't too into his presents yet. He would open a few and then be done with it all. And that wasn't good since he was S.P.O.I.L.E.D by every single one of our family members. I guess that's what happens when you are the only grandchild/nephew/neice. I think he got every toy that Toy's R Us makes! I have to admit that it is nice though, because he was getting tired of all his other toys. Now he has new toys to keep him occupied.

Only 350 more shopping days until next Christmas! :)

Playing with my new CD player with Momma.

Showing Daddy how it works.

This big bag is for me?!? I like the tissue paper!

A Clifford book! And a Clifford stuffed animal and DVD!

I think this one goes next....

Yikes...learning to talk on his phone while driving and honking the horn way too early...

Jammin on my new guitar sitting in my new chair!

Chad got PS3!!

The whole fam.

Our little family.

Playing with my cousin Gretchen.

Playing with Grandma.

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